The aim of the C.R.O.N.O. Craiova is to contribute at the development of the civil society in Oltenia (SW region of Romania) by supporting the non-profit organizations in the region. In this respect, we work both with registered NGOs and non-profit institutions (schools, local councils, churches, unions) in order to enhance their organizational/ institutional development and to foster the partnership among them to serve better to their beneficiaries. On the other hand, we collaborate with citizens’ informal-groups, in order to help them to establish new N.G.O.s/ C.B.O.s that will strengthen the civil society voice and the citizens’ participation.

Our organization is a regional resources center for non-profit organizations (N.G.O.s, C.B.O.s, L.P.A.s, trade–unions, professional associations, public institutions, civic groups, local parishes, etc.) from the 5 counties (Dolj, Gorj, Mehedinți, Olt, Vâlcea) of Oltenia region (SW part of Romania). It was founded in 2004 by a civic activists group with different back-ground (teachers, trainers, students, small entrepreneurs, lawyer, economists, etc.). The main programs and projects of C.R.O.N.O., during these years, were centered on community development, participative democracy, inclusive societies, active citizenship, youth, social economy, technical assistance for Oltenian non–profit entities, L.A.G.s, training–courses and C.S.R. programs–development.

CRONO has initiated 2 regional NGOs networks in Oltenia: one for rural development organizations in 2006 (R.O.C.O.) and one for urban area (F.I.P.R.O.) in 2007. Too, C.R.O.N.O. is a founder of the Support NGOs Network from Romania, an active member of RuralNet (a national network of rural community development organizations) and of the Central and Eastern European Citizens Network (CEE CN,

In the framework of different project funded by CEE Trust CRONO has developed the operational capacity of 20 rural NGOs from Oltenia. In this respect CRONO has organized first regional stock exchange and has edited first catalogues of community projects and social economy business start-up from the region.

               Relevant projects and sponsorships:

   1. Creation of a Rural Organizations Network in Oltenia – R.O.C.O.” (2006-2007), financed by the E.U. through PHARE program. Results: creating of 12 new rural NGOs in Oltenia region; initiation and implementation of 15 new community projects; creation of R.O.C.O., a regional CBOs network.

   2. Partners for Community” (2007), financed by USAID through World Learning. Aim: Raising NGOs involvement in the priorities determination and ranking participative process and the local/ regional development participative projects in 9 towns and cities from Oltenia region in the framework of newly created regional network for community forums: F.I.P.R.O..

3. ”Rural NGOs Network in Oltenia” (2009–2010), funded by CEE Trust. Results: Identification of 20 NGOs needs, training-sessions for their representatives, providing basic services for those NGOs, strengthening the R.O.C.O. network.

4. ”The RuralNet Network – an active role in National Rural Development Plan (P.N.D.R.) implementation” (2009), funded by the E.U. through PHARE program. Aim: Monitoring 60 local rural development projects from Romania financed by the E.U., elaboration of a specific methodology based on good practices examples from CEE CN and RuralNet networks members.

5. ”Anti-crisis Participatory Measures” (Sept. 2009 – Feb. 2010), sponsor: Balkan Trust for Democracy. Aim: To promote citizens participation in reducing the economic crisis effects at local level for community vulnerable groups in 6 Balkan countries (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia), in the framework of the C.P.W. ( and the European Local Democracy Week–E.L.D.W. 2009 ( This project continues a previous project, also funded by B.T.D., which aimed to implement common activities for citizens’ participation promotion in the framework of the C.P.W. and E.L.D.W. 2008 in 6 Balkan countries.

6. „Participatory Local Development Strategies”, multi–years program (2007-2013), mainly sustained by the company PETROM and also, lately, by the CEE Trust and Foundation for Civic Society Development (FDSC) Bucharest. Aim: to elaborate at least 10 local development strategies on a participatory base (actively involving all interested local stake-holders from each local community) and to establish CBOs in local communities across Oltenia region.

7. Developing and implementing of active ocupation measures through counselling centers network creation in Oltenia, South–Western Region – CANPER” (2011–2012), POSDRU/102/5.1/G/78762, in partnership with CENTRAS Foundation and S.C. BDS S.R.L., both from Bucharest. The project was implement in 5 small and medium size towns across the region (Balș, Calafat, Horezu, Slatina, Tismana) and it was funded by the E.U. through the European Social Fund (E.S.F.).



Postal address:  str. Iancu Jianu, nr. 26, 200142, CRAIOVA, Romania;

Tel.: 0040-351-179409, 0040-722-721227; Fax: 0040-351-179409, 0040-351-814400;

E–mail:,, web:

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